Ichihayaku (いち早く – ASAP)

  • Ichihayaku


    When describing you do something quickly before anyone else, you can use the Japanese expression ichihayaku (いち早く).

    People often think that Ichi (いち) can be written in kanji as 一, which means “one,” but actually it is written as 逸, which means “remarkable” or “extraordinary.”
    「いち」は “one” を意味する「一」であると思われがちですが、実際には “remarkable” や “extraordinary” を意味する「逸」です。

    In addition, hayaku (早く) means “fast” or “quick.”
    また、「早く」は “fast” や “quick” を意味します。

    That is to say, ichihayaku means “extraordinarily fast/quick” or “ASAP.”
    すなわち「いち早く」は、”extraordinarily fast/quick” や “ASAP” のような意味になります。

    For example, you can say kare wa ichihayaku kitaku shita (彼はいち早く帰宅した – “He went home before anyone else”).

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