Urayamashī (うらやましい – Envious)

  • Urayamashī


    When you think that someone is favored/rich and you want to become such a person, you can say ‘urayamashī‘ (うらやましい) to express the feeling.

    Urayamashī is an adjective form of the verb ‘urayamu’ (うらやむ).

    Ura‘ (うら) means inside/behind something, especially here it means “one’s heart.”

    In addition, ‘yamu‘ (やむ) means to be taken sick.

    Originally, this term literally meant that one’s mind becomes a disease by seeing someone’s privileged status.

    However, these days it is mainly used to express a sense of longing that you want to become such a gifted or lucky person.

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