Kan-muryō (感無量 – Deep Emotion)

  • Kan-muryō


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the phrase ‘mune ga ippai ni naru‘ (胸が一杯になる), which means that one’s heart is filled.

    The word ‘kan-muryō‘ (感無量) has a similar meaning to this phrase.

    ‘Kan-muryō’ is short for ‘kangai muryō‘ (感慨無量), and it can be divided into two parts: ‘kangai‘ (感慨) and ‘muryō‘ (無量).

    Kan‘ (感) means “feeling,” ‘gai‘ (慨) means “emotion” and ‘kangai’ means “deep emotion.”
    「感」は “feeling”、「慨」は “emotion” を意味し、「感慨」で “deep emotion” という意味になります。

    In addition, ‘mu‘ (無) means “nothing,” ‘ryō‘ (量) means “quantity,” and ‘muryō’ means “innumerable.”
    また、「無」は “nothing”、「量」は “quantity” を意味し、「無量」で “innumerable” という意味になります。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ‘kan-muryō’ and ‘kangai muryō’ is one’s innumerable deep emotion.
    すなわち「感慨無量」および「感無量」は、”one’s innumerable deep emotion” を意味するというわけです。

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