Keshikaran (けしからん – Unreasonable)

  • Keshikaran


    When something is unreasonable and undesirable, you can express anger feelings by using the following phrase:
    物事が道理に外れていて好ましくないとき、怒りの気持ちを以下の言葉で 表現することがあります。

    Keshikaran” (けしからん).

    Keshikaru/keshikara‘ can be written as 異しかる or 怪しかる in kanji, and it means that something is abnormal.

    Additionally, ‘-n‘ (ん) is a change in the sound of the negative auxiliary verb ‘-zu/nu‘ (ず/ぬ).

    You might think that the denial of abnormal is normal.

    However, the denial of abnormal here expresses that it is not just abnormal, it is terribly abnormal.

    Meanwhile, these days on the Internet, this phrase is often used to mean “it is too sexy/cute.”

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