Hōmu Shikku (ホームシック – Homesickness)

  • Hōmu Shikku


    Five days have passed since I came to Italy, and I am gradually becoming ‘hōmu shikku‘ (ホームシック).

    ‘Hōmu shikku’ is a nostalgic feeling that you want to back to your hometown or home, and it comes from the English term “homesick.”
    「ホームシック」とは、家庭や故郷を懐かしむ心情のことで、英語の “homesick” から来ています。

    However, note that “homesick” is an adjective, whereas ‘hōmu shikku’ is a noun. (In other words, ‘hōmu shikku’ can be translated as “homesickness.”)
    ただし、英語の “homesick” は形容詞である一方、日本語の「ホームシック」は名詞として扱われます(すなわち英語の “homesickness” に対応します)。

    Incidentally, you can say ‘kaikyō-byō‘ (懐郷病) instead of ‘hōmu shikku’.

    Since ‘kai‘ (懐) means “nostalgia,” ‘kyō‘ (郷) means “home/hometown,” and ‘byō‘ (病) means “sick,” the literal meaning of the combination is “a sick that you feel nostalgic about your home/hometown.”
    「懐」は “nostalgia”、「郷」は “home/hometown”、「病」は “a sick that you feel nostalgic about your home/hometown” を意味するので、「懐郷病」の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

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