Yubiori Kazoeru (指折り数える – Waiting Eagerly)

  • Yubiori Kazoeru


    Yesterday, I introduced the term ‘yubiori‘ (指折り), which means “to count something” or “one of the best.”

    If you want to mean the former explicitly, you can say ‘yubiori kazoeru‘ (指折り数える).

    Since ‘yubi‘ (指) means “finger,” ‘ori‘ (折り) means “to bend something,” and ‘kazoeru‘ (数える) means “to count something,” the literal meaning of ‘yubiori kazoeru’ is “to count something by bending fingers.”
    「数える」は “to count something” を意味するので、「指折り数える」は文字どおり “to count something by bending fingers” という意味になります。

    In addition, this phrase can imply that you are looking forward to one day and waiting while counting the remaining days.

    [Example] Kekkonshiki no hi wo yubiori kazoete matsu (結婚式の日を指折り数えて待つ – “I wait eagerly for the wedding day.”)

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