Meyasu (目安 – Rough Standard)

  • Meyasu


    I write short English texts every day on Lang-8 while defining 100 words as ‘meyasu‘ (目安).

    Meyasu means goals, rough standards, or rough indications.

    This word is a noun form of the adjective ‘meyasushi‘ (目安し), which was used in the Heian period.

    Me (目) means ‘eye’ and yasushi (安し) means ‘to feel relieved,’ so the combination means “to feel relieved to see something” or “something is easy to see.”
    「目」は ‘eye,’ 「安し」は ‘to feel relieved’ を意味するので、「目安し」は “to feel relieved to see something” もしくは “something is easy to see” を意味します。

    In the Kamakura period, what you can understand if you see, such as a scale, came to be called meyasu, and it has come to mean its current meanings.

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