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Aibou (相棒 – Buddy)

  • Aibou


    Do you have aibou (相棒)?

    Aibo means a partner who works or plays with you.

    Ai (相) means ‘each other’ and bou (棒) means ‘stick.’
    「相」は ‘each other,’ 「棒」は ‘stick’ を意味します。

    This word came from kago (駕籠), which was used in the Edo period.

    Kago is a kind of human-powered vehicle that can carry a human — the sitting space was hung with a single stick, and two people carried it on their shoulders.

    The person who carried the front side of the stick was called sakibou (先棒 – front stick), the person who carried the back side was called atobou (後棒 – back stick), and they called each other aibou (相棒 – each other’s stick).

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