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Meboshi wo Tsukeru (目星をつける)

  • Meboshi wo Tsukeru


    It is important to make an educated guess or establish a goal when you conduct/investigate something.

    Such making an educated guess is often called “meboshi wo tsukeru (目星をつける)” in Japan.

    “Me (目)” means “eye,” “boshi (星)” usually means “star,” but it also means “mark” derived from “star mark.”
    「目」は ‘eye’ を、「星」は的の中央につける星印から転じて ‘mark (印)’ を意味します。

    Since “tsukeru (つける)” means “to put/attach something,” the literal meaning of “meboshi wo tsukeru” is “to put a mark.”
    「つける」は “to put/attach something” を意味するため、「目星をつける」の文字どおりの意味は “to put a mark (目印をつける)” となります。

    In turn, this term has come to mean “to make an educated guess” or “to establish a goal.”

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