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Gotaku wo Naraberu (Give a Song and Dance )

  • Gotaku wo Naraberu


    Woman: “Why were you late for our date today?”

    Man: “Yesterday, I played a game until midnight after work. The game is an online game, and I played with my friends. You know, we have to cherish friends, right?
    It also can release stress of my work. Although I played the game, I got up early in the morning. Believe me. However, it was hard to decide my hairstyle…”

    Woman: “Enough. Don’t line up gotaku (Don’t give me a song and dance)!”

    The idiom “gotaku wo naraberu” means to say selfish reasons in a snobbish manner like this man.

    “Gotaku” is an abbreviation for “gotakusen,” which means to say someone’s thought as if it were a statement of God, and “naraberu” means to “line up something.”

    In such a case, you should say sorry first instead of lining up gotaku.

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