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Geta wo Hakaseru (下駄を履かせる – Inflating)

  • Geta wo Hakaseru


    The act of inflating quantities or prices of something is referred to as geta wo hakaseru (下駄を履かせる) in Japanese.

    Since geta (下駄) is a traditional Japanese wooden footwear, and hakaseru (履かせる) means “to put on,” the literal meaning of geta wo hakaseru is “to put geta on someone.”
    「下駄」は 日本の伝統的な履物、「履かせる」は “to put on” を意味するので、「下駄を履かせる」の文字どおりの意味は “to put ‘geta’ on someone” となります。

    Typical geta are designed with two wooden blocks on the bottom so that they can be used in paddy fields and wetlands.

    Therefore, wearing geta makes one look taller, like elevator shoes today. This is why the idiom was coined.

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