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Geta wo Azukeru (下駄を預ける – Leaving the Matter)

  • Geta wo Azukeru


    The act of entrusting someone with the handling and responsibility of something is referred to as geta wo azukeru (下駄を預ける) in Japanese.

    Since geta (下駄) is a traditional Japanese wooden footwear, and azukeru (預ける) means “to entrust,” the literal meaning of geta wo azukeru is “to entrust one’s geta to someone.”
    「下駄」は日本の伝統的な履物、「預ける」は “to entrust” を意味するので、「下駄を預ける」の文字どおりの意味は “to entrust one’s ‘geta’ to someone.” となります。

    When one entrusts their geta to someone, the person without geta cannot move freely.

    In other words, everything depends on the person to whom the geta are entrusted.

    The idiom geta wo azukeru can represent trust in the other person or irresponsibility.

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