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Gei wa Mi wo Tasukeru (芸は身を助ける – Art Brings Bread)

  • Gei wa Mi wo Tasukeru


    Do you have a special skill that you can take pride in?

    Such a skill can help you when you least expect it sometimes.

    The Japanese proverb, gei wa mi wo tasukeru (芸は身を助ける), reflects this fact.

    Since gei (芸) means “(artistic) skill,” mi (身) means “body,” and tasukeru (助ける) means “to help,” gei wa mi wo tasukeru literally means “Your skill helps you.”
    「芸」は “(artistic) skill”、「身」は “body”、「助ける」は “to help” を意味するので、「芸は身を助ける」は文字どおり “Your skill helps you” という意味になります。

    Instead of tasukeru, its literal form, tasuku (助く), can also be used, as in gei wa mi wo tasuku (芸は身を助く).

    Hone your special skills for the future.

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