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Sanmai/Zanmai (三昧 – Indulgence)

  • Sanmai/Zanmai


    When concentrating on something and doing nothing but that, you can use the Japanese term, sanmai/zanmai (三昧).

    Sanmai is a Buddhist term that means to concentrate one’s mind on a single object.

    The term sanmai is rarely used on its own and is usually attached to the stem of a noun, where it is read as zanmai.

    For example, you can use it as in gēmu zanmai (ゲーム三昧) when you are engrossed in playing games, or dokusho zanmai (読書三昧) when you are absorbed in reading.

    In addition, by using the term, zeitaku (贅沢 – meaning “luxury”), as in zeitaku zanmai (贅沢三昧), it conveys the meaning of “indulging in luxury.”

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