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Egokoro (絵心 – Artistic Taste)

  • Egokoro


    The hobby or knowledge of drawing, the sensitivity to understand art, or the desire to draw pictures is called egokoro (絵心) in Japanese.

    Since e (絵) means “picture,” and kokoro/gokoro (心) means “mind,” the literal meaning of egokoro is “mind for pictures.”
    「絵」は “picture”、「心」は “mind” を意味するので、「絵心」の文字どおりの意味は “mind for pictures” となります。

    People often use the phrase egokoro ga nai (絵心がない – “have no ‘egokoro'”) to mean “bad at drawing” or “lacking artistic sense.” However, based on the original meaning of egokoro, this phrase could also carry the nuance of “I do not like drawing.”

    Regardless of one’s drawing ability, anyone who enjoys drawing or appreciating pictures has egokoro.

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