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Kadode (門出 – New Chapter)

  • It’s been a very long time since my last post.


    Today is my new kadode (門出).

    Kado (門) means “gate” and ‘de'(出) means “to leave.” Since kadode symbolizes leaving the gate of one’s own house, it means a “day of departure” or “beginning of a new life.”
    「門」は “gate”、「出」は “to leave” を意味し、自分の家の門を出ることから「門出」は「旅立ち」や「新しい生活の始まり」を意味します。

    Kadode is often used for graduation, employment, or marriage, and is frequently referred to as atarashii kadode (新しい門出) or aratana kadode (新たな門出) with the adjective atarashii/aratana (新たな – meaning “new”).
    「門出」は卒業や就職、結婚の際に利用されることが多い言葉で、”New” を意味する「新しい」や「新たな」をつけて、「新しい門出」や「新たな門出」のようによく言われます。

    Starting this April, I am changing jobs and beginning work as an associate professor at a new university.

    I am very excited to finally have my own research lab, which has been a long-held dream of mine.

    I will also resume my English studies from now on.

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