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  • iPhone Xs

    iPhone Xs

    About three months ago, I bought a smartphone equipped with a physical keyboard, BlackBerry Key2.
    私は約3ヶ月前に、キーボード付きのスマートフォン BlackBerry Key2 を買いました。

    Unfortunately, various problems occurred while using the smartphone; some applications often crashed, terrible noises occurred during a call, and the sound sometimes stopped ringing.

    Therefore, I decided to buy iPhone Xs this Monday.
    そこで今週の月曜日に、iPhone Xs を買うことに決めました。

    (The big price of 150,000 yen put a big dent in my wallet.)

    It has only been a few days since purchasing, but I have been able to use it comfortably without any problems so far.

    The only regret I have is that the usability of the BlackBerry Key2’s keyboard was really comfortable.
    BlackBerry Key2 は、キーボードの使い心地がとても良かっただけに残念です。

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