Shōdō-gai (衝動買い – Impulse Buying)

  • Shōdō-gai


    Today I ordered a BlackBerry KEY2 at an overseas online shopping site.
    私は今日、海外の通販サイトで BlackBerry の Key2 を注文しました。

    These days, I often perform an action called ‘shōdō-gai’ (衝動買い).

    Since ‘shōdō’ (衝動) means ‘impulse’ and ‘gai’ (買い) means ‘to buy,’ the literal meaning of ‘shōdō-gai’ is “to buy something on impulse.”
    「衝動」は ‘impulse,’ 「買い」は ‘to buy’ を意味するので、「衝動買い」の文字通りの意味は “to buy something on impulse” です。

    As these words suggest, this term means to buy something on impulse without thinking deeply whether or not it is truly necessary.

    Fatigue might dull my thought.

    I need to cut corners to save money for a while.

    However, today Microsoft announced the attractive product, Surface Go…
    しかし今日、Surface Go という魅力的な製品が発表されてしまいました・・・。

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