Gata ga Kuru (ガタがくる – Showing One’s Age)

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    Gata ga Kuru


    As I get older, it became difficult to stay up all night.

    If your body condition gets worse due to the age, it is expressed as “gata ga kuru” (ガタがくる) in Japanese.

    ‘Gata’ (ガタ) comes from the Buddhist term, ‘gatapishi/gatahisi’ (我他彼此).

    ‘Ga’ (我) means ‘oneself,’ ‘ta’ (他) means ‘other,’ ‘pi/hi’ (彼) means ‘that,’ ‘shi’ (此) means ‘this,’ and the combination means that people/things conflict each other and trouble continues.
    「我」は ‘oneself,’ 「他」は ‘other,’ 「彼」は ‘that,’ 「此」は ‘this’ を意味し、「我他彼此」は、物事が対立してもめごとが絶えないことを意味します。

    Also, ‘kuru’ (来る) means ‘come,’ so “gata ga kuru” (ガタがくる – continuing trouble comes) means that a condition of people or things gets worse with age.

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