Bon Holidays: Day 3 (August 16th)

  • Bon Holidays: Day 3 (August 16th)

    お盆休み 三日目(8月16日)

    Today, I went to Tokyo DisneySea with my friend.

    The number of visitors per year to Tokyo DisneySea is around 15.5 million — making it the fifth most popular park worldwide.

    When entering DisneySea, we first took FastPass for the new ride named “Soaring: Fantastic Flight,” which debuted on July 23rd this year.

    I felt comfortable because we came to be able to get FastPass on a smartphone app.

    Soaring was literally fantastic — I felt as if I was really flying in the sky.

    Amazingly, the waiting time for riding Soaring without using FastPass was up to 350 minutes.

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