Shufu and Shufu (主婦と主夫 – Homemaker)

  • Shufu and Shufu


    A married woman who manages her family’s home and caring for her children is called shufu (主婦 – “housewife”) in Japanese.

    Since shu (主) means “principal” and fu (婦) means “lady,” the literal meaning of shufu (主婦) is “principal lady.”
    「主」は “principal”、「婦」は “lady” を意味するので、「主婦」の文字どおりの意味は “principal lady” となります。

    On the other hand, these days men who manage his family’s home are increasing, so another term shufu (主夫 – “househusband”) has come to be used.

    Since fu (夫) means “husband,” the literal meaning of shufu (主夫) is “principal husband.”
    「夫」は “husband” を意味するので、「主夫」の文字どおりの意味は “principal husband” となります。

    Note that both 主婦 and 主夫 have the same pronunciation.
    「主婦」も 「主夫」も全く同じ発音で紛らわしいので、注意して下さい。

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