Teiban (定番 – Regular)

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    In my post yesterday, I used the Japanese term teiban (定番).

    Teiban means something standard, regular, or perennial.

    This term is short for teiban shōhin (定番商品), and it was originally used in the garment industry.

    Since tei (定) means “fixed,” ban (番) means “number,” and shōhin (商品) means “goods,” the literal meaning of the combination is “fixed number goods.”
    「定」は ”fixed”、「番」は ”number”、「商品」は ”goods” を意味するので、「定番商品」の文字どおりの意味は ”fixed number goods” となります。

    In the garment or its related industry, goods are managed by assigning numbers.

    That is to say, teiban shōhin means “goods that can be expected to have stable sales regardless of the trend,” and later, teiban came to be used in various situations.

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