Omegane ni Kanau (御眼鏡に適う – Giving Favor with Someone)

  • Omegane ni Kanau


    Several days ago, I introduced Japanese terms, megane (眼鏡 – “glasses”), mushimegane (虫眼鏡 – “magnifying glass”), and iromegane (色眼鏡 – “colored glasses”).

    There is a famous idiom that uses megane — it is omegane ni kanau (御眼鏡に適う).

    O (御) is a polite prefix, megane (眼鏡) means “glasses,” and kanau (適う) means “to suit,” so the literal meaning of omegane ni kanau is “to suit one’s glasses.”
    「御」は丁寧の接頭辞、「眼鏡」は “glasses”、「適う」は “to suit” を意味するので、「御眼鏡に適う」の文字どおりの意味は “to suit one’s glasses” となります。

    Here, glasses imply that someone’s ability to assess things.

    In other words, omegane ni kanau means to gain favor with someone.

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