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Kettai (Queer-Beer)

  • Kettai


    Today I would like to talk about the term in Osaka dialect “kettai.”

    “Kettai” means that something is mysterious or strange.

    Usage example: “kettai na yattya na” (you are queer-beer).
    (“~ na yattya na” is also a dialect term in Kansai (Osaka), which means “you’re such a ~.”)

    This term comes from “ketai,” which means a result of fortune-telling or an omen, and it originally used as “ketai ga warui” (“warui” means “bad”) to mean “a bad omen.”

    The “ketai ga warui” became just “ketai,” then “kettai,” and changed to the current meaning.

    It is thought that “kettai” was a common Japanese term until the Meiji period, but it is mainly used only around Osaka prefecture.

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