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Omae (You)

  • Omae


    Today I will talk about the Japanese word “omae.”

    “Omae” is a word that refers to a person in front of you — it’s something like “you.”
    「お前」は、”you” のように、目の前にいる相手を指して呼ぶ語です。

    Basically, this word is used for your friends or lower ranking people.

    “Omae” was made by attaching the prefix “o” to “mae,” which means “in front of,” and it was originally used for Buddha or nobilities with respect.

    Although it was used with genuine respect until around the early Edo period, the meaning of respect gradually faded, and it came to used for only your friends or lower ranking people after the Meiji period.

    Since many Japanese people will get offended if they are called “omae,” be careful when you use it.

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