Suima ni Osowareru (睡魔に襲われる – Getting Sleepy)

  • Suima ni Osowareru


    I am very sleepy now.

    When you become very drowsy or sleepy, it can be described as ‘suima ni osowareru‘ (睡魔に襲われる) in Japanese.

    Sui‘ (睡) means “sleep,” ‘ma‘ (魔) means “devil,” ‘osou‘ (襲う) means “to attak,” and ‘wareru‘ (われる) is a passive expression, so the literal meaning of this phrase is “to be attacked by a devil of sleep.”
    「睡」は “sleep”、「魔」は “devil”、「襲う」は “to attak”、そして「われる」は受け身表現であるため、「睡魔に襲われる」の文字どおりの意味は “to be attacked by a devil of sleep” となります。

    As you can guess, this phrase compares strong sleepiness that is hard to resist to a devil of sleep.

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