Dowasure (ど忘れ – Lapse of Memory)

  • Dowasure


    I often do ‘dowasure‘ (ど忘れ).

    ‘Dowasure’ means that you suddenly forget something you know well and simply can’t come up with it.

    Wasure‘ (忘れ) means “to forget,” but I think that most Japanese people do not know where ‘do‘ (ど) comes from.
    「忘れ」は “to forgot” を意味しますが、「ど」の由来を知っている日本人は多くないと思います。

    ‘Do’ is written in kanji as 度, and it means “degree” or “dimension.”
    ど忘れの「ど」は漢字で「度」と書き、”degree” や “dimension” を意味します。

    This term was borne from the Chinese story 韓非子 — in this story, a man measured his foot dimensions to buy shoes, but he went to a store without the dimension notes.

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