Kanji (漢字 – “Chinese Character”)

  • Kanji


    Japanese people often use ‘kanji’ (漢字), which are characters born in China.

    The term kanji is written as “Chinese character” in English.
    漢字は英語では “Chinese character” と呼ばれます。

    The literal translation of Chinese characters is ‘chūgoku-ji’ (中国字), but we call it kanji for some reason.

    Kan (漢), which is called “Han” in English, was the second imperial dynasty of China founded in 206 BC.

    This dynasty continued for more than 420 years, and it has become one period that represents China.

    Because of this, Kan has come to mean China itself, then the term kanji (漢字, literally “Han character”) was born.

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