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Soramimi (空耳 – Hearing Things)

  • Soramimi


    Lately, I’ve been hearing the small cry of a kitten in the evening.

    However, this might be soramimi (空耳).

    Since sora (空) means “sky” or “phantom,” and mimi (耳) means “ear” or “hearing,” the literal meaning of soramimi is “hearing a phantom.”
    「空」は “sky” や “phantom” を、「耳」は “ear” や “hearing” を意味するので、「空耳」の文字どおりの意味は “hearing phantom” となります。

    In other words, soramimi refers to a phenomenon when you feel as if you hear something that is not really there.

    In addition, soramimi can also express a phenomenon in which foreign lyrics or words sound like your own language.

    For example, the English phrase ‘You know me?’ sounds like yunomi (湯呑み – meaning “(Japanese) teacup”) in Japanese.
    例えば、英語の “You know me?” は、日本語の「湯呑み」に聞こえることがります。

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