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Benkyō (勉強 – Discounting/Study)

  • Benkyō


    There is a Japanese term, benkyō (勉強), which means “study.”
    “Study” を意味する「勉強」という日本語があります。

    Japanese language learning textbooks will always explain that benkyō means “study” or something similar.
    日本語の学習テキストなどでは、「勉強」は必ず “study” またはそれに近い意味で出てくると思います。

    However, in commercial transactions, benkyō is sometimes used to mean “discounting.”

    Originally, benkyō meant “to be forced to do something” or “to force oneself.”

    In other words, forcing oneself for merchants means “discounting.”

    It is believed that such an indirect expression came to be used because using direct expressions such as takai (高い – meaning “expensive”) or nebiki (値引き – meaning “discount”) is sometimes impolite in negotiations.

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