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Nanakusa no Sekku (七草の節句 – The Festival of Seven Herbs)

  • Nanakusa no Sekku


    Today, January 7, is Nanakusa no Sekku (七草の節句).

    Since nana (七) means “seven,” kusa (草) means “grass” or “herb,” and sekku (節句) means “seasonal festival,” the literal meaning of Nanakusa no Sekku is “The Seasonal Festival of Seven Herbs.”
    「七」は “seven”、「草」は “grass” や “herb”、「節句」は “seasonal festival” を意味するので、「七草の節句」の文字どおりの意味は “Seasonal Festival of Seven Herbs” となります。

    Here, nanakusa (七草/七種 – “seven herbs”) represent the seven types of wild herbs and flowers seen in early spring, known as haru no nanakusa (春の七草 – “seven herbs of spring”).

    On this day, Japanese people have the custom of eating nanakusa gayu (七草粥 – “seven herb rice porridge”), a porridge containing the seven spring herbs, praying for a year of good health.

    Let us pray for a healthy and vibrant year ahead.

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