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Kokon Tōzai Gēmu (古今東西ゲーム)

  • Kokon Tōzai Gēmu


    Yesterday, I introduced the four-character idiom kokon tōzai (古今東西), which means “all times and places.”

    Combining this idiom with the word gēmu (ゲーム – “game”) leads to the famous Japanese game called kokon tōzai gēmu (古今東西ゲーム).

    In this game, the leader says kokon tōzai followed by a theme, and then participants take turns saying a word that fits the theme.

    The participants clap their hands twice and say the theme word alternately, and the one who cannot say the theme word in rhythm loses the game.

    Common themes of this game include names of countries, train stations, and so on.

    This game is also known as yamanotesen gūmu (山手線ゲーム – “Yamanote Line Game”) because the names of stations on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo were often used as the theme.

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