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Osoreirimasu (恐れ入ります – Thanks/Sorry)

  • Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I introduced you to Japanese expressions that mean the feeling of apology or appreciation.


    In addition, I’d like to talk about another term that has the similar meaning, 恐れ入ります (osoreirimasu).

    “Osoreirimasu” is the polite form of 恐れ入る (osoreiru).

    The literal meaning of “osoreiru” is “I’m scared of you,” but it can also mean “I can’t stand against you” or “I’m awed by you.”

    Later, it has come to contain the current meanings.

    “Osoreirimasu” is more polite than “sumimasen,” and is often used when you want to say sorry/thanks with awe.

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