Giri-giri (ぎりぎり – “Barely”)

  • Giri-giri


    Today I ‘giri-giri‘ (ぎりぎり – “barely”) met a deadline.

    Giri-giri is an onomatopoeia that represents that something is close to a limit or there is no room, and it is also used as an adverb.

    It is thought that ‘giri‘ (ぎり) in giri-giri comes from the Japanese noun ‘kagiri‘ (限り), which means “limit.”
    「ぎり」は、”limit” を意味する名詞「限り」からきていると考えられています。

    When making it just in time, we often say ‘giri-giri sēfu‘ (ぎりぎりセーフ – “barely okay”).

    On the other hand, when missing something by a hair, we sometimes say ‘giri-giri auto‘ (ぎりぎりアウト – “just failed”).

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