Haiboku (敗北 – Losing)

  • Haiboku


    Losing or running away after the defeat is called haiboku (敗北) in Japanese.

    Hai (敗) means “losing,” and boku/hoku (北) usually means “north,” but here it means “turning around and running away.”
    「敗」は “losing” を、「北」は通常 “north” を意味しますが、ここでは「背を向けて逃げる」を意味します。

    The kanji character 北 can be divided into two parts; the left side and the right side.

    Since these two parts represent persons respectively, the kanji 北 represents two people who are turning against one another and running away.

    [Example] Kare wa senkyo de haiboku shita (彼は選挙で敗北した – He lost the election).

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