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Kogarashi (木枯らし – Cold Autumn Wind)

  • Kogarashi


    I think that “kogarashi” (木枯らし) will blow in a few days.

    “Kogarashi” is strong cold winds that are blew from late autumn to early winter.

    According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, if a wind blows from the north at a speed of 8m/s or more after the pressure pattern became a typical winter one (high-pressure area to the west, and the low-pressure area to the east), the wind will be regarded as “kogarashi.”
    日本の気象庁によると、西高東低の冬型の気圧配置になり、北よりの風速 8 m/s 以上の風が吹いた時、その風を「木枯らし」と認定するそうです。

    The etymology of this term is very simple.

    The “ko” (木) of “kogarashi” means “tree,” and the “garashi” (枯らし) means “to blight green things.”
    「木枯らし」の「木」は “tree,” 「枯らし」は “to blight green things” を意味します。

    Therefore, “kogarashi” implies a wind that is a strong/cold wind enough to blight trees.

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