Kao kara Hi ga Deru (顔から火が出る – One’s Face Burned with Shame)

  • Kao kara Hi ga Deru


    When you feel very embarrassed about something and blush with shame, it can be described as kao kara hi ga deru (顔から火が出る) in Japanese.

    Since kao (顔) means “face,” hi (火) means “fire,” and deru (出る) means “to come out,” the literal meaning of kao kara hi ga deru is “fire comes out of one’s face.”
    「顔」は “face”、「火」は “fire”、「出る」は “to come out” を意味するので、「顔から火が出る」の文字どおりの意味は “fire comes out of one’s face” となります。

    You will feel very hot in the face when you are so embarrassed that your face turns red.

    This phrase compares the heat in one’s face to heat so hot that it could start a fire.

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