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Nodo (喉 – Throat)

  • Nodo

    I have a sore “nodo” (喉) now.

    “Nodo” refers to a back of your mouth, where the part above your esophagus and trachea — it’s a throat.

    In the past, this Japanese word is called “nomido” (のみど).

    The “nomi” (のみ) means “to drink” and the “do/to” (ど/と) means “door,” so the combination “nomido” refers to “door for drinking.”
    「のみ」は “drink,” 「ど」は “door” を意味するため、「のみど」は “door for drinking” (飲むための入り口)を表します。

    I think that it’s not necessary to explain any more why “nodo” has come to mean “throat.”
    これが “throat” を意味するようになった理由は、説明するまでもないと思います。

    Also, “nodo” can mean “singing voice,” “weak point,” and “a part that binds a book.”

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