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Oshaka ni Naru (おしゃかになる – Becoming Useless)

  • Oshaka ni Naru


    When things are ruined, or something is broken and become useless, we refer to it as おしゃかになる (oshaka ni naru) in Japanese.

    お (o) is a polite prefix and しゃか (Shaka) is Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

    There are several theories about the etymology of this term, but the famous one is something like the following.

    One day, a casting craftworker was trying to cast a statue of 阿弥陀仏 (Amida Buddha), but accidentally he cast a statue of “Shaka.”
    (Note that “Amida” and “Shaka” are completely different.)

    Because of this, “oshaka ni naru” (becoming oshaka) has come to have the current meaning.

    This term is similar to おじゃん (ojan), to which I introduced you.

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