Namaiki (生意気 – Impudent/Insolent)

  • Namaiki


    Previously, I introduced the term sharakusai (しゃらくさい), which means “impudent” or “insolent.”
    私は以前、”impudent” や “isolent” を意味する「しゃらくさい」という言葉を紹介しました。

    To tell you the truth, sharakusai is rarely used by today’s young people — the most common Japanese term that means “impudent/insolent” is namaiki (生意気).
    「しゃらくさい」は現在ではあまり使われず、”impudent” や “insolent” に相当する最も一般的な日本語は「生意気」です。

    Nama (生) means that something is halfway or lukewarm, and iki (意気) means a positive attitude.

    That is to say, the literal meaning of namaiki is to get out of line with a halfway attitude.

    This term often used as an adjective that describes characteristics of “person,” “speaking,” or “attitude.”

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