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Kinou no Kyou (昨日の今日 – A Short Period)

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    Kinou no Kyou


    Today, I would like to talk about a little weird Japanese expression, ‘kinou no kyou‘ (昨日の今日).

    Since ‘kinou‘ (昨日) means “yesterday” and ‘kyou‘ (今日) means “today,” the literal meaning of ‘kinou no kyou’ is “yesterday and today” or “yesterday’s today.”
    「昨日」は “yesterday”、「今日」は “today” を意味するので、「昨日の今日」の文字どおりの意味は “yesterday and today” や “yesterday’s today” となります。

    Can you imagine what does it actually mean?

    Actually, it says that it has only been a day since something happened yesterday.

    That is to say, this expression means a short period or duration.

    [Example sentence]

    Kinou no kyou de kare wa iken ga kawatta‘ (昨日の今日で彼は意見が変わった – He changed his opinion in a short period.)

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