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Kokoro ni Shimiru (心にしみる – Being Impressed)

  • Kokoro ni Shimiru


    When expressing that you are impressed by something in English, you probably say in the way that something acts on someone, such as “to be impressed by” or “to be moved by.”
    何かに感動したことを表すとき、英語では “to be impressed by” や “to be moved by” のように、対象が人を感動させる言い方が多いと思います。

    On the other hand, Japanese people usually express it in the way that the someone just acts, such as ‘kandō shita‘ (感動した – literally “I did kandō”).

    However, there is another Japanese expression, which uses the way of saying that something acts on someone.

    It is ‘kokoro ni shimiru‘ (心にしみる).

    Kokoro‘ (心) means “heart” and ‘shimiru‘ (しみる) means “to soak into.”
    「心」は “heart,” 「しみる」は “to soak into” を意味します。

    Therefore, this expression means that someone is impressed as if something soaks into the one’s heart.

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