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Kimo ga Suwaru (肝が据わる)

  • Kimo ga Suwaru


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the expression; 心臓に毛が生えている (shinzo ni ke ga haeteiru – hairs are sprouted on one’s heart), which means to be stout.

    I also talked about the fact that we think of livers as a symbol of courage/mind, and the above expression was 肝に毛が生える (kimo ni ke ga haeru – hairs are sprouted on one’s liver).

    Actually, even now there are several expressions that regards 肝 (kimo – liver) as 心 (mind/heart) — one of them is 肝が据わる (kimo ga suwaru).

    Here, the verb 据わる (suwar) means that something is stable and doesn’t move.

    That is to say, “kimo ga suwaru” means a person who have stable mind and is stout.

    This expression is used in the similar meaning as “shinzo ni ke ga haeteiru.”

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