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Ichiru no Nozomi (一縷の望み – A Ray of Hope)

  • Ichiru no Nozomi


    Have you ever experienced a situation that it was desperate, but there certainly was a hope.

    Such a little hope is sometime called “ichiru no nozomi” (一縷の望み) in Japanese.

    The “ichi” (一) means “one” and the “ru” (縷) means “slender thread” or “slight,” so the “ichiru” (一縷) means “something slight like a slender thread.”
    「一」は “one,” 「縷」は “slender thread” や “slight” を意味することから、「一縷」は “something slight like a slender thread” を意味します。

    Also, since the “nozomi” (望み) means “hope,” “ichiru no nozomi” means something like “a spark of hope” or “a ray of hope.”
    また、「望み」は “hope” を意味するので、「一縷の望み」は “a spark of hope” や “a ray of hope” のような意味になります。

    The “nozomi,” which means “hope,” is commonly used in daily conversation, but the is only used in the expression “ichiru no nozomi” in most cases.
    “Hope” を意味する「望み」という言葉は一般的ですが、「一縷」はほとんどの場合、「一縷の望み」という表現の中で使われます。

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