Kono Ue Naku (この上なく – Supremely)

  • Kono Ue Naku


    Today I would like to introduce you to the Japanese expression ‘kono ue naku‘ (この上なく), which means “most” or “supremely.”
    今日は、”most” や “supremely” を意味する形容表現「この上なく」という日本語を紹介します。

    Kono‘ (この) means “this,” ‘ue‘ (上) means “up” or “top,” and ‘naku‘ means “nothing,” so the literal meaning of ‘kono ue naku‘ is “There is nothing that is higher than this.”
    「この」は “this,” 「上」は “up” や “top,” 「なく」は “nothing” を意味するので、「この上なく」の文字通りの意味は “There is nothing that is higher than this” となります。

    As you can guess, this expression implies that the thing is the best.

    You can make a more calm and elegant impression by using this than using direct expressions such as ‘saikō‘ (最高 – best/greatest).
    “Best” や “greatest” を直接的に意味する「最高」などの表現を使うよりも、相手に穏やかで上品な印象を与えることができます。

    【Example sentence】
    Kono ue naku shiawase da (この上なく幸せだ – I’m as happy as can be).

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