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Oriitte (折り入って – Earnestly)

  • Oriitte


    Today I would like to talk about the Japanese term “oriitte” (折り入って) that I will use it later.

    “Oriitte” is used as an adverb, and it represents that you ask a favor or have a consultation with someone in a serious manner.

    This term was derived from the verb “oriiru” (折り入る), which means to do something with one’s whole heart.
    (Note that “oriiru” is no longer used now.)

    For example, you can use it as the followings:
    “Oriitte onegai ga arimasu” (折り入ってお願いがあります – I have a special favor to ask of you).
    “Oriitte gosoudan ga arimasu” (折り入ってご相談があります – I’d like to have a private word with you).

    We don’t say this word frequently, but I think that it is one of beautiful tongues in Japanese.

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