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Wasureta (忘れた – I Forgot)

  • Wasureta


    I decided on today’s topic ahead of time, but I completely forgot what I was going to write.

    Instead, I would like to talk about the kanji “忘” of “wasureru” (忘れる), which means to forget something.
    (Note that “忘” is read as “bou” in the Chinese reading, whereas it is read as “wasu-reru” in the Japanese reading.)
    代わりに、”forget” を意味する日本語「忘れる」の、「忘」という漢字について書きます。

    The kanji “忘” can be divided into two different kanji: “亡” and “心.”

    “亡” comes from a hieroglyphic that represents “a dead body whose limbs are bent,” and it means that something is lost or someone dies.

    “心” comes from a hieroglyphic that represents “heart,” and it means consciousness, mind, true feelings, etc.

    That is to say, the combination “忘” means that one’s memory is lost from the mind.

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