Nido Aru Koto wa Sando Aru (二度あることは三度ある – Things Come in Threes)

  • Nido Aru Koto wa Sando Aru


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the proverb, ‘sandome no shōjiki‘ (三度目の正直), which means that the third time is the charm.

    Actually, there is another proverb, ‘nido aru koto wa sando aru‘ (二度あることは三度ある), which has the opposite meaning of that.

    Nido‘ (二度) means “twice,” ‘aru‘ (ある) means “to happen,” ‘sando‘ (三度) means “three times,” so the literal meaning of this proverb is that what has happened twice will happen three times.
    「二度」は “twice,” 「ある」は “to happen,” 「三度」は “three times” を意味するので、このことわざの意味は “What has happened twice will occur three times” となります。

    In fact, according to Bayes’ theorem, the probability that what has happened twice happens again is higher than the probability that something happens only on the third time.

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