Isogaba Maware (急がば回れ – More Haste, Less Speed)

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    Isogaba Maware


    Yesterday, a Lang-8 user taught me the English phrase “Haste makes waste.”
    私は昨日、Lang-8 のユーザーから “Haste makes waste” というフレーズを教えてもらいました。

    This reminded me of the similar Japanese proverb, ‘isogaba maware‘ (急がば回れ).

    Isogu‘ (急ぐ) means “to hurry” or “haste,” ‘maware‘ (回れ) means “to go around.”
    「急ぐ」は “to hurry” や “haste,” 「回れ09o」は “to go around” を意味します。

    Even if you are in a hurry, it may be dangerous or make you get lost to use an unfamiliar shortcut.

    In many cases, choosing a safe and reliable way would eventually lead to better results though it might seem like a detour.

    The proverb isogaba maware expresses such a fact.

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