Yudan Taiteki (油断大敵 – Don’t Be Careless)

  • Yudan Taiteki


    Previously, I introduced you to the word ‘yudan‘ (油断), which means to let one’s guard down or to be careless.

    This word is often used in the famous four-character idiom, ‘yudan taiteki‘ (油断大敵).

    Tai/dai‘ (大) means “big” or “great,” and ‘teki‘ (敵) means “enemy.”
    「大」は “big,” 「敵」は “enemy” を意味します。

    That is to say, yudan taiteki means that yudan (carelessness) is a big enemy because if you are in a state called yudan (if you are careless), you can cause a catastrophe.

    This idiom can be translated into English as “Security/carelessness is the greatest enemy” or “Don’t be careless.”
    英語では “Security/carelessness is the greatest enemy” や “Don’t be careless” のように訳されます。

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